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Spoke Art / San Francisco / June 2018

We ride in self driving cars, algorithms quietly cataloging our movements and opinions. You can hold a conversation with your watch, your refrigerator, or the glowing orb that lives in your house and orders toilet paper for you when you run out. A robot delivers fresh pizza to your apartment in under half an hour. Elon Musk launched an electric car into space for no apparent reason, and there is an actual nutritional product called Soylent. What future is this that we have crafted for ourselves?

I don't know, but at the center of it is San Francisco, the bay area, and Silicon Valley. Where the future is never futuristic enough, and there's never an app that can't solve a problem you may not ever have had. Will technology solve all of our problems? Can it hold the anchovies? What if we fail to see the forest for the trees, and at the end of it, our poor pizza delivery robot is left alone, without pizza or human end consumers. What if the technology is left but we are gone?

ALGORITHM is a show of new paintings at San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery, where my astronaut wanders a futuristic San Francisco left to drones, robots, and self driving vehicles.