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Gallery 1988 / Los Angeles / June 2017

Do you know anyone who lands at LAX and immediately heads for the In-N-Out near the airport? Have you ever driven hundreds of miles out of your way so you could pit stop at a Waffle House? Have you ever told someone from New England that you don't like Dunkin' Donuts coffee and watched as they slowly clenched their fists and debated throwing you from a window? We love fast food, especially the local places we grew up with. Do they remind us of home? Are we nostalgic for our youth? Or do we simply crave things that are sugar coated, crusted with Doritos flakes, and served animal style? I don't know, but I made some paintings about it. FRANCHISE is my headfirst dive into our strange and unrelenting passion for greasy hamburgers, maple glazed donuts, and whatever the hell a Croissanwich is.